Avsha meticulously gathers the highest quality and well-produced
ingredients, fresh rosemary from the garden,
high quality olive oil, yeast that rises and swells.
This is how we cook for your event.

Our kitchen staff is professional and skilled and, from our point of view,
the sky is the limit for daring and creativity.


A well-designed building, high quality products and human professionalism are the three
ingredients that make the café a perfect experience. We give coffee the attention it deserves.
Coffee beans picked on the best plantations in the world reach the roasting houses in Milano
where they are roasted uniformly and precisely. From there they make their way to us. We
make sure the coffee is ground to the proper size grains, and brewed at precise temperatures
under the hands of a skilled barista.


In order to invest our full attention and efforts in an event,
we think outside the box and truly believe that events can be managed differently,
with a more personal, unique and creative approach.
We treat each event as different and special, in terms of its culinary style,
design and atmosphere.

The Gallery

With a comforting fireplace and luxurious furniture, the gallery is just the place to host
private and business events for limited gatherings.
Here you can enjoy a tasteful experience of perfection with all the extras.

Our Staff

An event is a complex multi-sensory experience made up of taste,
smell, color, flavors, love, sound and excitement.
Our permanent staff, chefs, cooks, managers and hospitality staff have been with Avsha
for many years; they take every detail into consideration, and provide excellent attention
and service to everyone around you.


Every event has its own special appearance, with meticulously designed and harmonious
buffets according to the chosen concept. Each event is well-planned, precise, and inspirational.
The event is both yours and ours. Each event is unique, because dreams are not designed on a production line.

Event Designer - Lilach Socher

2 Gesher Ha'etz St.,
Industrial Park Emek Hefer

Office | 04-6222480

Mobile | 050-9898181

E-mail | contact@avsha.co.il






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